Manchester, Connecticut

Finance Department

The Administration and Insurance Division is responsible for oversight and general admininstration of the entire Finance Department, which includes Accounting, Assessment & Collection and General Services. The Division is directly responsible for the administration of Self-Insurance and Risk Management, and employee health benefits programs. The Director of Finance is also involved with the Town's Pension Board and is responsible for debt administration.

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 860-647-3105

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Defined Benefit Plan

The Town of Manchester Pension Plan is administered by the Pension Board. The management and control of the Plan are vested in the Pension Board, which has the power to make reasonable rules and regulations for carrying out the provisions of the Plan. Any decisions of the Pension Board shall be final and conclusive as to any parties in interest. Click on the following links to view the Agendas, Minutes and Actions of the Pension Board Meetings.


Defined Contribution Plan

The Town of Manchester adopted the Town of Manchester Money Purchase Pension Plan under which the Town and the Members of the Plan contribute money to a trust fund maintained by the Trustee and an Account in the trust fund is maintained by the Trustee for each Member. The primary purpose of the Plan is to provide the Member with retirement benefits.


Risk Management

On July 1, 1983, the Town established the Manchester Self-Insurance Program (MSIP) and the Town of Manchester Medical Insurance Fund (TOMMIF) to account for and finance its uninsured risk of loss.



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Assessment and Collection

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General Services

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